Native Dither On Mastertrack

Could you put the dither checkbox on master track instead of it being in preferences? Then it would be saved within the .xrns. What does the “dither when needed” even mean?

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i guess if you’re rendering to 32bit no dither would be needed.

Well I surely don’t, no matter the settings; because I cook up stuff that sounds so bad that aliasing noise actually improves it.

I just like to know how stuff works. :D

There is not a single spot where i can trace the “when needed” part, could you clarify that phrase?

From older versions perhaps? I read it somewhere

Aha the Linux edition… i was checking the Windows version (which does not has that remark). Nice to know Renoise still has easter-egg surprises for me as well…(Although i call this inconsistent)

Another mystery solved! :D

But another mystery has been placed instead of it:the screenshot is from an old 2.0 or lower Beta.
Why would anyone remain cling to using an old Beta (that should actually be expired so the system clock has to be turned back on it)

I didn’t checked the starting date… How did we managed to leave this one to catch dust for so long?