Native Format Popular In 2008 ?


In your opinion, do you know what is the format of music (soundtrack/module) where the native format was popular in 2008 ?

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I’m absolutely not able to comprehend what you wanted to say.
Can you please rephrase?

In fact, I am wondering what is the format (native : MOD/XM/XRNS/PSY…) the most popular in 2008 ? I don’t talk about number of users but number of musics found on the net/compo/demo party…


I’m not sure this is the right forum to ask, but my guess is .xrns in tracker world.
In overall computer music it will probably be whatever format FL Studio is using… I don’t really care though. ^_^

When I was at Evoke04 I was the only one releasing an RNS. Oldschool formats still dominated and you’d see a couple of MT2 files. At Breakpoint was known for long though but I was never there.
Now at demoparties (I visit tUM and Evoke) you see Renoise dominating pretty often. Not XRNS though. You’ll see some XRNS modules but most times the artists note that they’ve done their streaming compo entry with Renoise.

In the multichannel compos people still use XM, IT and even MOD very often.
At Evoke there no longer exists any usual multichannel compo, only the tiny music compo (64k limit) allows source files. I belive this is a suicide to the scene but so be it.
However at tUM you can still enter multichannel formats up to 1.44 MB.

To me it seems that MT2 and SKM are slowly vanishing (what I regret) and XRNS is slowly rising (what I appreciate).

Above all there’s the precious online SDCompo where XRNS is dominating and other formats (PSY, XM, IT) happen to appear rather seldom.