Native Instruments Kontakt

Does anyone know where I can dl a manual for this?

Can’t you contact NI and ask for a new?

Anyway, on NI’s site there are a users guide, it’s not a manual and only shows some basic things, but maybe it can be of use!?

Hmm, if you have a pirated thingy, then this shouldnt be the place to ask, I guess ;)


Or even just hints/tips/etc… especially regarding the loop functions… i cant work that out…

I’ve only got the demo version and I want to get to know what it can do before i think about buying it.

Ahh nasty demo :o, but what do you need it for anyway, i mean renoise can play samples you know!?

Well, the timestretching functions are very easy to use and implement and has a lot more sampler features than the Renoise sampler. I’d love to have similar sampler functionality in Renoise!

I mostly work with loops and you have no idea how much back and forth you need to do to get a sample the right bpm and pitch :(

Are there any plans to improve the sampler editor side of things in Renoise?

yeah you a right, kontakt does have some nice features there…

An alternative could be Phatmatikpro, i heard it should be good for chopping up loops.
There should exsist a free version of it just called Phatmatik, it was released together with a magazine… maybe you can dig it up somewhere.
I am not sure it Phatmatik has timestreching though, but its much cheaper.

Well, good luck! :blink:

Very easy to implement? Where have you got this from? Do you have algorithms?
From what I know, timestretching isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the audio world.
Specially efficient, realtime timestretching… Take a look at the prices of those synths.

:) Sorry perhaps I worded that wrong. I meant easy to implement (use) the feature in Kontakt, not easy to implement az timestretch filter into Renoise.