Native Soundfont Support

Would it be possible for Renoise to load SoundFonts into its own instrument format? I recently discovered the plethora of free SoundFonts available but it’s a bit annoying having to use a VSTi to play them back in Renoise, not to mention it makes the songs anything but portable (I work between Ubuntu and Windows). I’ve been using sfz and I occasionally get errors that require me to reload every single SoundFont too.

SoundFonts seem abundant enough for this to be worthwhile. Thoughts?

Would be great, im wait for this feature long time, coz Energy XT, Jekola Buzz, Fruity Loops are supported.
maybe sometime it will be available inside renoise.
But i think there are more important thing before this.
+1 anyway

My thoughts:

I don’t think Renoise’s instrument editor really “cuts it” at this moment to be able to import soundfonts properly. For example, the timing resolution for the envelopes is too low (this depends on the resolution of the song of course). Another thing is, unless I’m wrong, Renoise’s instrument does not support multiple layers, f.ex. grouping them by different velocity.

On the other hand, it should be possible to write an external sf2 -> xrni converter, maybe even a scripting tool inside Renoise. I personally don’t think it is worth the trouble at the moment though.

+1 for loading SoundFonts into Renoise.

+100 for saving them out, so existing XRNI instruments could be easily transferred to another DAW using SoundFont players such as sfz, without having to get to grips with a SoundFont editor and set up the samples all over again.

+1000 for replacing the Renoise instrument system altogether with a full SoundFont engine (or a superset thereof), with full read and write support of both SF2 and XRNI.

+1 for sound fonts.Heck , skale tracker was able to import them lol.

I came late to Renoise and still use Live - main reason for Live in my setup is purely because Live handles SoundFonts natively and cleanly via it’s Sampler module (which costs extra).

And the reason I LOVE my SoundFonts is purely down to the material from DigitalSoundFactory - not cheap - but gosh darn… they are VERY good. Rave rave rave!

I have had limited success with the VST plug-in SF things in Renoise and only today came across the site which has another SF player - but if Renoise did do it natively then I’d do a little dance!


Respect to the Renoise crew.

Native SF2 support would be very nice indeed!


You can at least convert to SFZ and import those with this tool:
But an import SF2 format for this tool would also save the hassle.

This would be handy even though there’s a script already. It seems to put noise at the start of samples for me though.

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t knew about the additional file format import tool.
Been looking around the www for a SF2->SFZ converter, but have not found a proper one. Do you have any suggestions for this problem as well?
Thanks in advance.

Converts SF2 fine ;)

Nopes sorry, a similar discussion has been held here recently:

SFzed seems to be the “best” option here (regarding free).
Only thing i can think of is either using EXSC or convince the developer of SFzed to improve or release the source as open source so someone else can pick it up from there.