Native Track Routing?

Not a new question i guess, but here we go:

I have my drumloop splitted into each part(bd, sn, hh, etc.)

Now i want to add a limiter/compressor to the sum of all tracks but dont want to add it to the master.
Is there a native way to route all tracks to a single track?
(i dont use any extra vsti, native devices only :panic: )

Put them all on the same send.

Send Device? -->

“This picture” really does the job? If i route 5 tracks with “mute source” to send track s01 it goes straight to the master all together? :dribble:

Or does the effects of s01 only apply to each single track and then to the master?

umm thats the same thing.

and yes thats what it does.

think of it this way,… your sound goes INTO the send and the effected sound goes OUT into master.

so you can send 1 track or 50 tracks into a send and it will process the total sound.

so the send doesnt work on the track individually, but instead the tracks are going into the send and work is being done on that. ( from your writing it sounds like you thought the sends applies itself to each track, my bad if i am wrong).

mute source just gives you the effected sound from the send. keep source gives you the effected sound and the normal track sound to master (so the dry and wet).

Just try it, it’s very easy. Check if you get the expected result :)