Native Vocoder

My wet dream is that Renoise comes equipt with a native vocoder effect

why can’t you use a vst


a free vocoder:…42&start=30

tracker mda + vocoder mda

Those downloads aren’t working anymore… :(


forget about it! wanted to post a link to all the free vocoders listed on kvr :) but the long ass link is impossible to get right on this board :)

arr…removed… again!
well i happened to find the full (well, almost - at least including the vocoder files) mda package here in my non-work folder at work :),
and i assume mda won’t kick my ass for distributing this since it’s freeware and unchanged:

lots of useful little plugs for sure.
(though… don’t know if the version of the dx10 runs with the newest renoise.)

and not to hijack this post more than it already is, but have any of you guys tried THIS hardware vocoder?
ooh, i think i’d like one of those! but not for sale anywhere in norway. ebay it is, i guess. but don’t like shopping such beauty gear unseen…

I made these tracks with a Warp Factory:

vsComputer - All Over The World
Bachelor Machines - I Have Written You A Letter

I like the Warp Factory in general, it’s got some nice options and I like the sound, but they seem to have misunderstood the usage of a vocoder when they designed it so there’s some weird design decisions in there. Specifically, the “Effect Mix” is the opposite of what you’d think (you can’t mix the modulator with the signal at all) and the “noise mix” is trimmed way, way, too loud.

I tried a few vst vocoders and found that they are often difficult to use and really heavy on the cpu. What I would like is an integrated system that does not crash renoise and that combines audio and midi and makes it easier to work with melodic issues instead of browsing forums for help. So far I’ve used a mix of Melodyne and fruityloops and then imported the result as a wav into renoise. Phew! Well… I got a real talkbox for cristmass so I’ll just use that instead until I find something that works for me…

I love you! Thanks!

nice! thanks. i like the sound of the vocoder in the first track you’ve got there, very synthy and juicy… i have like 4-5 software vocoders installed, but can’t get exactly that effect with none of them. interesting!

Anybody tried the g200kg vocoders in Renoise?
How well do they work?

Alas, they do not… the search continues! :)

well, i think a vocoder plugin, with ability to choose source track for carrier and modulation vould be a fine addition to renoise… you could vocode any sound… also a pitch tracking vocoder could be fine, as in mda vocoder or in ableton live 8…

I had a Warp Factory but ended up selling it. They are strange aren’t they.

It’s almost like they’re too clever for their own good - to me, it sounded like the incoming formant signal was being analysed and matched to a fairly limited bank of filter ‘shapes’ - ie. its not a traditional fixed frequency bands style vocoder. They work pretty well for vocals, but try putting drums through it and the unconventional method falls down and sounds sloppy and glitchy (in a bad way).

Check out the strange ‘glassy’ rhythms at the start of this for an example:…2-flinchbot.mp3

Has a pretty bad latency too.

I saw the TAL bassline in the Renoise screenshot threat.
and also found a nice vocoder on their site here.

If you haven’t tryed these VST’s, there might be some nice additions to your collection.