Neä - Sad Candy

A friend of mine. Female vocalist. Classically trained, like ridiculously classically trained. She went to a rave, which I was playing, and saw SOCALLED play live klezmer hip-hop and was like, shit, I can do this!

I gave her some beats from the BW PRNK album, said go nuts, said I didn’t have time to actually collaborate, more than a year later, without me doing any actual work, this track exists, it’s based on heavily modified beats from track 1 on ACPIMCD002.

Neä - Sad Candy:

Neä studied classical vocal technique with Barbara Schlick (Germany), Glenn Chambers (Paris), Lucie Mayer and Marie-Annick Béliveau (Montreal). Attended workshops on medieval music with the ensembles Unicorn and Ony Wytars and at the Centre de musique médiévale de Paris. I went to Serbia to study Gypsy singing and also took a few lessons of flamenco singing.

Pretty motivating, she learned everything about beat production on her own, interesting stuff IMHO.

More info:

BW! Bloody Good!


Haha, wicked.

To restate the obvious, I had nothing to do with this track except supplying raw materials that were reworked, without me or my involvement, by Neä.

But yeah, cool track!