Neat Trick In `sibelius First`

Just been demoing Sibelius First and found a nice little feature in it where a selection can be pasted with Alt + left click.

So to copy and paste some MIDI info

  1. Select, 2) Alt + Left-Click = Copied + pasted selection


  1. Select, 2) Ctrl + C, 3) click, 4) Ctrl + V = Copied + pasted selection

When seen in action, really shows speed difference for a very common task.

I would propose Alt + Right click for renoise (i.e. alt bypasses menu and does this operation in this case)

versus “Hold Control & Drag” stuff in Renoise and other apps?

It means that you can paste say 3 times in a a row (or discontiuosly) a lot quicker aswell i.e. with 3 clicks.

Give it a try.

(in sibelius first middle click will serve the same function of paste/ alt left-click aswell)