Need Acoustic Drum Samples

Hey people,

I know there are many sample packs for electronic drums, but I am looking for a vengeance-quality real drums , cymbals and percussion samples or rompler.

Is there any decent package?

Thanks in advance.

Natural Studio used to be free and good, but now it’s not free and good.

Native instruments also offers some good kits named Studio Drums

other than these, you should ask more precisely which kind of drums you need, because for example Drumkit from Hell is good for metal (used by Meshuggah)

G&S Custom Work Drumkit Sample Library, it says it’s for Halion, but you have access to all the samples, i think it’s quite nice and i have used it a few times already

Thank you both, appreciate it. Will check these later today.

As for the precise type I need - I am not really sure… :)

I need them to create more downtempo / pop style music. So I guess heavy metal drums (although I would love to hear them) would probably be too harsh.

I just need drums that sound like they were not generated by an electronic instrument, but recorded on a live drum set.

The old NS-Kit 7 free probably still roams the p2p net…

Thanks vV.

I have the WAV and Vs3 editions of the kit… If you need a p2p link you can get one.
There are still a lot of preset files for various sources that you can use to build a new kit instrument for your sampler.

You mean you have a torrent/ed2k link? If you do, would love to have a link, yeah.

is the wave-based library I often go back to when I want that ‘real’ feeling that’s hard to create from, let’s say, Ez Drummer or the hypersampled Reason Drums Refill.

Thank you my friend.
Marked to be tested.