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Hello Everybody !

This is not a problem, but I would like to get some knowledge on the subject. I´ve just finished a song originally recorded in FL Studio 7, but mixed and mastred in Renoise B7/B8 (at that time). The song contains a total of 18 tracks and is about 947 MB big, however, when I was done and saved the song in Renoise as an XRNS the file “only” became 160 MB… Could it be that Renoise on automatic cuts away the silent parts of the tracks or what´s the deal here ? I know that Renoise saves the tracks as flac, but does flac really compress the tracks that much ?

Love the new Renoise BTW, the exciter is really SUPER AWSOME :D :yeah: :w00t:

Renoise does not physically modify the samples when you save your XRNS song. The only thing we do is (optionally) compress them to FLAC, which is of course a lossless compression format.

So the difference in filesize you’re seeing is almost certainly due to the FLAC compression.

If your samples contain long periods of silence (or any repeating value that is identical from frame to frame), FLAC can really squash the hell out of this and reduce it to almost nothing.

For example, I have:

  • Track 1 with a single note on the first pattern line
  • Track 2 with a note every 8 patterns lines
  • Track 3 with a note on every pattern line

When I render each track to WAV, they are all identical sizes.

After compressing each track to FLAC, the filesize depends on the overall complexity of each track. The tracks containing less note activity and longer periods of silence compress down to a smaller filesize than the others. Track 1 is the smallest filesize, Track 3 is the largest, and Track 2 is somewhere inbetween.

Another example: I just rendered out 17 minutes of complete silence at 44.1khz 16-bit stereo which produced a 172MB WAV file. After FLAC compression it’s 180KB :)

Pretty nifty stuff!

Awsome, thanks for answering my question. ^_^