Need Help Fast

why isnt this supported.?

i mean… WTF!!!

I tried a work-around with cut/paste,but PASTE isnt supported either ??I need all the automation in another song you see…

didnt FT2 have a “save track” feature?

help. please.

You need automation or pattern data?

You can store automation in presets.
If you don’t want to overwrite existing presets, create another copy of your config.xml in your userfolder (of the application data) before closing Renoise (and saving your adjusted automation presets to the file) and restore the original config file later when you have imported your presets later.

Thank you vvoois.

But i was hoping for both pattern & automation in one click.

THATS what i need…

(the config edit was clever, but waaaaay too slow)

(just to cleare things up a bit, a meant the features in “Advanced Edit”)