Need Help From Rewire Users

Rewire setup is as follows:
Master: Renoise 2.7
Slave: Ableton Live 8.2.1

Everything is actually working nicely and sync is perfect and all.
However i got two problems, whereas the first is only a minor one:

(1) When Rewire was introduced to Renoise initially (2009) i remember running some brief tests and if i’m not totally mistaken, Renoise was able to auto-launch Ableton Live by the moment i selected it in the #ReWire-Input Device.
Now, nothing will happen when selecting Ableton as a slave - it has to be launched manually.

(2) When i send Midi CC information to a “midi-learn” enabled Ableton Live via the “Instr. Midi Control” Device, nothing will happen.
Ableton simply ignores everything i alter, no matter what CC value i select. Only Pitchbend works as it should on the destination instrument.
For all CC events, the small midi indicator in Ableton’s upper right corner of the GUI does not flash nor will it have any other kind of influence on the midi learning process.

Any solution(s) ?

On #1, I never saw that happen, so I can’t comment on that.

On #2, I don’t think what Rewire sends is technically MIDI as Live understands it under remote control. You’d probably be better off using a midi loopback utility.

thx for the reply.
taken from the renoise online manual:
"As soon as you’ve created a ReWire MIDI instrument you can use the “*Instr. MIDI-Control” device in Renoise to automate it. If the synth supports this, the mapped parameters will be shown there so you know which CC number automates which parameter. "

So if i’m not mistaken, this should work using the “Instr. Midi Control” device.
The manual is relating to Reason (which i can’t test, since i lack that software), but i suppose it should work with Ableton, too ?!

I’m not in front of it right now but I can check it out at home tonight and see if I can figure out what the deal is…

that would be nice mate.

I just played with it myself, and if you look at Live’s prefs while it’s a Rewire slave, it still sees the midi inputs as available for remote control, but it doesn’t see Renoise as a midi input. Because the midi mappings in Live pair a midi in channel with a CC number, I think you’re boned. There’s no way to set Renoise as a Remote controller.

So, the workaround is going to have to be a midi loopback utility. =\

oh damnit… if ableton is generally ignoring all incoming midi cc’s from the master application, it’s really a very restrictive rewire slave mode.
i was crawling through various forums concerning this issue but couldn’t find a single user having the same issue with ableton…
still hoping it’s just a configuration issue.

No idea on the #2, but as far as this question… I know that when I was working on my RPM album in February, I used Reaper alongside Renoise (2.6) and Reaper launched automatically as soon as I selected it.

I haven’t tried it in 2.7 yet. I will though and see if it works for me.