Need Help Setting Up Routing Of Xln Addictive Drums


i am trying the demo of addictive drums in renoise 2 beta 5,but i need some help setting the routing up,what i want is to have kick,snare,hihats from addictive drums,go to individual tracks in renoise(track1 kick,track2 snare etc.)

but when i choose that in the set-up routing(in the mixer view)it only goes through the kick channel?

do i need to place the addictive drums on the drumbuss and then set up the routings?? :unsure:

im i nOOb with multi-out instruments

thanx in advance

if I get what you mean, you are missing the step where you assign the channel routing for your instrument; this operation is not performed into the mixer view, rather is done in the instrument properties panel.

quoting from here:

you have to assign each output to a different track and you have basically done.

thanx it-alien,yes i think i got it mixed up,will try setting it up later today :yeah:

now i got it working,thanx it-alien

now i just have one small problem,i think i dont understand it completely,but what i want to do,is place a note-off,so that addictive drums,only play in certain patterns,but when i use note-offs it just keeps playing??

hope you guys know what i mean :rolleyes:

is there sustain active, maybe?

before triggering any note, try putting

not in pa comm  
--- XX C0 4000  

where XX is your instrument number

thanx it-alien

will try and see if that does the trick

Maybe isn’t there any setting for receiving the note off signal from Renoise?

D16’s drum machines have such settings (“internal pattern mode” or simply “note off” button).

i still need to check it out