Need Help With External Midi Devices

I just bought a MIDINES cartridge, and I can’t figure out how to control it in Renoise. I have it plugged into the MIDI Out on my interface, and I have MIDI properties set to the right device in instrument settings. I don’t know how the bank and program affect it, So I have those set to off. I don’t have any devices set as clock master or clock slave, but they didn’t seem to change anything when I did. The program does register notes from my controller, so I know that’s not it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Using 1.8, by the way.

1.9 has a lot of midi specific improvements and fixes…

The midiNes seems a bit ackward to control in any host if i follow the reviews online.

It looks like you need to send a couple of MIDIcc commands to it to get it going.

You can either commit this code through the pattern editor effect commands using the 90 effect control in the panning column or using a MIDIcc Device in the DSP rack.

Renoise 1.9 offers better timing possibilities than 1.8 for your information btw.