Need Help With Midi Keyboard

I just recently got a midi cable, hooked it to my keyboard, and to my sound card. Ive downloaded renoise, and a couple other sequencers, none of them can detect the keyboard. Any suggestions? how can i get my computer to detect the keyboard.

As you discribe it, the cause of the problem could be many different things.

If you are sure the keyboard outputs MIDI, the cable is fine, and your soundcard drivers are properly installed, you should be able to select your MIDI in port of your soundcard.

in renoise this is in the preferences menu under MIDI where you can set in device A or B to the corresponding port

Yes there is no auto-detection method, you have to tell Renoise which port the MIDI device is on and then Renoise just simply listens to midi messages on that port.
If you still don’t get any signal, try attaching the midi cable (if it has a 15 pin connector or an adapter to it!) to the gameport on your mainboard (which usually also serves as the mpu401 device) and then enable the MPU401 device in your BIOS.
Great chance Renoise will read from that port.…x.html#download

Maybe can help you

My computer is pretty old, it started out as windows 98/me, and i upgraded it to xp, do u think dats why the sound card doesnt?just a guess…

yeap, dats exactly it