Need Help With Payment

I have a Visa Vanilla gift card that I’d like to use to buy Renoise with, and I can’t get it to work. Can I use this to pay for Renoise?

Read the fine print that came with the card. Sometimes with those things you have to go to their website and register the card in your name before you can use them for online purchases.

Darn & Double Darn! I CAN’T USE THE CARD OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES! What can I do about this? I am so pissed off at myself right now. Are there other places I can get renoise in the US?

Renoise is only available to buy from our website, with payments being handled by Avangate.

Perhaps your card will work if you use it with the PayPal method in the Avangate shopping cart?

Also, it’s possible for someone else to buy you a Renoise license as a gift, so perhaps a family member or friend with a real credit card could help you out.

I tried paypal, but got an error processing the request.

I would sell the card to a friend or family member, put the money in my checking account, and use paypal.

OK, I’ve transfered $100 from my savings to my checking account. I have a US Chase bank account. How do I go about sending you the info?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but you definitely should not send any banking details to us directly (or anyone else on the forum!), as we simply cannot process your information ourselves.

You should go to our website and click the Add to Cart button, and then pay via one of the available payment methods that Avangate offers. They do offer payment via bank transfer, but you will probably incur some extra processing fees if you choose this method. If you cannot find a suitable payment method, or you do not want to pay the extra fees, then you’ll have to find a friend or family member that can help you out with their credit card or PayPal account.

Please see the Avangate Customer Support page if you have any other questions or concerns about their payment methods.

Speaking unofficially and purely based on my own personal experiences now…

Opening a PayPal account is pretty simple, and it’s possible to link it directly to your bank account without requiring a credit card. When you add your bank account details to your PayPal account, they will set up a small test payment with a special code attached to it. This payment and code will show up on your normal bank statement, and then you enter the code into the PayPal website to verify your account. It usually takes 3 or 4 days depending on your bank, but it’s quite painless overall.

Thanks for the info. I tried, but it looks like I should just give up for now. feels so pissed off at himself for even trying

Might as well erase this thread. I wonder how I can get one of my local music stores to sell the software.

I’m going to buy a US Mastercard Gift card worth $100. Would I be able to use that to buy the software?

Why don’t you just get someone with a credit card to buy you the software, sit next to them and fill in the info, checkmark “yes, this is a gift”, give them cash, and save yourself some trouble?

There are like billion of ways of putting money on paypal in america. Shouldn’t be that hard.


We (Renoise developers) do not have any control over how the actual payments are handled, so we cannot give you any advice on these gift cards.

All of the payment processing is handled by a third party company named Avangate. They are the only ones who can accurately tell you whether or not your payment type can be accepted, so you should contact them with your questions.

You can find telephone numbers and an email address ( on their contact page:

Scroll down the page until you get to the section labelled “Shoppers / Customer support”.

Save yourself from any additional frustration. Please simply contact Avangate directly to get a reliable answer.