Need Help


how do i make the funk ?

please help.


haha… thats what came to my mind too…

just think about a girl with some junk in her trunk, dats how you get to make the funk!

oh shit! JBL, youre Canadian!
nice up!
i dont know if you recieved a proper welcome. so…

Welcome! to the Renoise community, you are here in the cat’s meow. ;)

lol honesty i had to google that name, imagine my surprise when i saw the results.

how odd. smile

no i was really talking about the funkeh stuff

funk like james brown?
if so thats not an easy question to answer!

a friend of mine explained funk to me as everything plays on the first beat.
so however big your accompaniment is (instruments) its going to all hit like an explosion on the first beat.

or maybe you meant something else?
there are so many electronic genres fused with and or progressed from it.

haha thanks for the greating…

I can’t wait to let you guys hear my first true renoise-made tune… but I’m still learning and I don’t want to waste your time with some crappy stuff lol

make pattern length 40 or 80.
use hits on 0-3-5-8-10-13-15 etc.

funkyh shits!


a hundredtwentyeight beats per minute?!
if it’s good enough for James…

Not true Kaneel: you can have black soul.

you can easily achive some funkyness with the Note Delay command (0d0?).
like for a straight drum line, add some of that on every second hit…

like that for example:

c-4 d3
c-4 d3


funk for me is that tight-loose-tight-loose thing. you have your basic hit straight on the beat and the filling hits shuffled, a bit earlier or later than the beat. or something

thanks for the tips everyone, gonna try them asap