Need Osc Help Bad!

[center]New to OSC here, to be honest. Got myself some tools capable and Renoise is OSC ready so I figure, Why not? It will help with my VJ, DJ and Production… Plus it looks hella fun to jam with too… I got all I needed minus the PureData Patch… noticed my mistake and have since (or so it seems) been abiding by every step one should take with no results!

It’s pretty frustrating… No to mention you try to follow renoise’s SOLEY, it doesnt work. You try TouchOSC’s and PD’s patch with again NO AVAIL! You cant really combine the two since its different to some degree (and the difference in patches adds more confusion).

Can someone maybe clear it up for me a bit please… Maybe a video to help dum it down (and i say that knowing it is apparently pretty simple to begin with).

Also another question I really havn’t put much thought into because im not at that point but when we start using our own (or others’s) designs… How are we to get the TOUCHOSC File onto the, let’s say, IPhone or Ipad for use with the software?

Thanks for any help on getting this started! I cant WAIT until I’m creating with this… Looks very interactive with a lot of possibilities.


I thought for the TouchOSC, there were templates or tools available, but i grab this from somewhere around in my memory…
If you do a thorough search on it (including dates going back to 2010) , you will find results though, there have been questions before about touchOSc.