Need Rms Monitor (vst)

Can anyone recommend a good and easy RMS Monitor VST plugin, other than RMS Buddy?
I am looking for something a little more advanced and graphical to put on the master track. I am still having difficulties in the final mix - how do I make all of the songs of the same volume and dynamics?

Some of the professionals on this forum gave me some good advice which I am following - I have a compressor limiter on the master. I am now trying to put it there from the start, instead of adding it at the end, but I still need a graphical way to evaluate the out signal and its health.

The best thing to me I guess, would be to be able to view the wave itself as it develops - when I put the wave itself (of other songs) inside a wave editor, I can immediately see if the wave is well balanced or not.

Kind of a lengthy post for a simple question I guess… :)

i loooove rms buddy and after that come’s solid state’s x-ism on the master to make sure i aint clipping……ee_plug-ins.asp


I’m using this:

Not quite what you ask for but it’s quite useful and it’s free.

Thank you guys. I have downloaded both tools and will try them.

A question for both of you if possible:
Can you briefly describe your way of using these meters?
Someone here said that he is aiming for an average RMS of around 10 (in the busy sections of the song) and by doing this he is generating songs that have the same loudness.

I found this to be somewhat incorrect (at my non professional level) - I have songs with lower RMS that sound louder than songs with higher RMS. Also most of my songs end around 14 RMS on average.

I would like to “engineer” my songs so that they are all “healthy”, all loud enough, and all have the same loudness.

could be down to frequencies, if a song has a lot of subsonic frequencies in play, that could boost the RMS without changing the volume of the sound you hear, also, you may find yourself more sensitive to certain frequencies, if one track has much more high frequencies you might find it painfully loud at the same volume as another track which is at the same loudness but is more balanced in terms of frequencies

Esem puts it best on Vintage Meter:

I’ve been using this plug long before his blog post, but his guidelines made it even more useful.

Subset, the blog post is helpful

“If they move a lot, then it’s a good, punchy affair”
Funny guy :)

This is very, very useful.

Thanks Doctor!

This looks more like it.
I installed the meters mentioned earlier, and did not fall off my chair. Nice meters but did not become too useful as of yet.
Going to check what stands behind this magnificent screenshot.

This guy is doing some nice plugins! At least judging by the screens and details.

Doctor - did you test the WinGrain utility that is available on this page? It is very nice and I was wondering if there is something like this that also allows to save the output file - or better, a grain VST?

Not sure mate, I haven’t tried WinGrain yet…

It is nice, thanks for taking the time to answer.
I will go look for some granular plugins - they may be perfect for modifying your own voice, so that it is listenable enough for a track :)