Need Some Advice

Hi Renoisers !

A couple of days ago I Got a HUGE problem,my D: drive Crashed !!! So now i´ve lost all of my syntheziesers & orginal musicfiles from my previous projects i have done since I was 15 years old !anyway … I have now come to the conclusion to reformat my computer to start fresh again … So what I wonder about is the following:

1st Is Windows 7 a good option for music creation? or should I use XP for a little while longer ??.. It feels like it might be good to start with it now, because I think that XP has not so long to live anyway …

2nd Any major bumps?

3rd What about the VST integration? Can I still use my old one? (Such as the Super Wave p8)

Would be so grateful if I could get some good advice on this! Best regards !

BTW: I had backups, i do backups all the time, But the external drive is also F****D !! A HUGE BUMMER FOR ME !! :angry:

:lol: Hehe, dont know about that, but i see your point… XP is older than your grandma grandpa, HAHA !!

Windows 7 is pretty decent. It’s like what vista shoulda woulda coulda been.

Thanks ! Yes from what i have understood Win7 is said to be much better then both xp and vista… But does anyone know about usage of older vst´s ??

All depends on the Host, not the OS. You will still be running 32bit Renoise so should be able to run all the VSTs you had on XP. At least for any that don’t require an installer, there may be the odd one or two that don’t just need the DLL in the correct place but on the whole you will be fine.

Super :) I think I now have all the info needed to move forward to WIN7… Thank you all for replying on this :yeah: gotta say that this forum is awsome, everytime I need help or support, I get it ! Respect :D

im still running win xp on my fairly oldish laptop single core 1,70ghz with 2 gb ram and my desktop core2duo 2,70ghz

and im quite happy

and i dont think win 7 would be able to run on my laptop anyway hehe

but yeah i think if you should get a new machine or update,maybe win 7 is the way to go

but if you have got some older machines,and you dont want to upgrade your hardware stick with xp

besides how much "better"is win 7 over win xp performance wise??

[s]Well for me it´s not so much about performence, performance wise theres almost no difference at all… But here is a list of reasons why i´m THINKING about upgrading:

  1. I have a great computer so I should not have any trouble running win7 (specs are: FujitsuSiemens 3,40 GHz Dualcore,3 GB RAM)

  2. This last 5 years I have been working on 2 different albums, wich has left me totally dry of ideas, I there for see this as a great opertunetiy (don´t think I spelled that right) to learn a new OS and RENOISE, becouse XP is getting old. I am getting all lost here so i´m going to short it down, the thing is that when I am ready for a new album XP is not going to be around anymore. When swiching to a new OS there is always a HUGE headache involved ! So why not do this now when I got the time ??

  3. When searching for file windows 7 is much faster and smarter when compared to xp.

  4. Some people actually says that windows 7 is better becouse it takes less of your ram then xp this also when it comes to CPU or processor.
    Wich there by (IF this is TRUE) I get more out of my computer to play with.)

I am not going to do this right away… But i´m going in that direction for the moment… ;)[/s]

Edit; UHM, just read some articles about win7 and apperently microsoft is having massive struggles with bugs and security holes… Think i´m gonna use xp for atleast another year ! according to several benchmarktests, Xp is still the most fastest and stable os to use ! :panic:

On a related note, a nice and easy way to always have a backup of your music projects is to use Dropbox.

This is a piece of software that syncs files across several computers; very convenient if you work on more than one machine. It also stores them on Dropbox’s servers so they are safely backed up there, plus you can have them at your disposal any time anywhere. As soon as you change a file in your local Dropbox folder it automatically uploads the changes behind the curtains and distributes them to any other connected computers. It’s absolutely transparent, you just use it like any regular folder. It also keeps older versions of your files online so you can restore a music project to an earlier state if it gets damaged or messed up somehow.

I’ve been using it for about an year and it works like a charm. Check it out if it sounds good to you:

Thank you for the tip subset, the fact is that I know of dropbox very well. I use dropbox when I share my music to anyone.

The problem is that the amount of data that Dropbox uses is not sufficient enough for me. We are talking about that I would need 40 GB of space for my project collateral.I appreciate your good advice anyway! :walkman:

Ok, here goes… Some info for you !!

Microsoft announced yesterday that the company will release a record updated on Tuesday, which consists of a total of 14 individual updates for Windows, IE, Office and Silverlight.

The update closes a total of 34 bugs, of which eight have been classified as critical. Users of Windows XP SP2 will only have access to some of the updates then support for that version has been discontinued.

  • I would call it a massive patch on Tuesday. There is a huge update and it is important that all interested parties. I’m actually a bit surprised how big it really is, says Wolfgang Kandek on security Qualsys.

Eight of these updates are rated as critical and sex as important, the second highest classification.

  • This is great, not only because of the number of individual updates, but due to the sheer size and that it affects everybody, "says Wolfgang Kandek.

Next week’s update beats Microsoft’s previous record updates in October last year and February this year. All versions of Windows are affected, including Windows 7 to get a full ten updates.

  • We had expected a big update, but my concern is for those users still running Windows XP SP2. Any problems that obstructed the Windows XP SP3 is safe even in SP2, but they will not be remedied, "said Wolfgang Kandek.

Next week’s update will be available for download at the 19-time Swedish time on Tuesday.


The U.S. site Infoworld has done a comparative test of how fast the last three versions of Windows are. Windows Vista, XP, and the beta of Windows 7 are those tested to see if Windows 7 will actually be faster than the smeared Vista.

The answer turned out to be easy, are you looking for speed so there is still just an operating system for you and it is 8 years old Windows XP. Sure, 7 were: an be faster than Vista, which it must be for people to regain confidence for Windows and Microsoft.

Approximately 60 percent faster Infoworld claims that their tests showed that the 7-ball is compared to Vista.

Want to know more details about the test, visit their website… THERE IS STILL MORE !!

This one is over a year old but still true !
Latest Windows is better than Vista - but still not very good. It considers Expressen expert Fredrik Granlund after taking a first look at Microsoft Windows 7.

  • I see no reason to upgrade, "says Fredrik Granlund which provides the operating system three wasps in the ratings.

Microsoft offers a free trial version of Windows
On Friday, Microsoft released the beta version of Windows 7 for public download. Problems soon arose. The company’s download server could not with traffic.

  • It went up and down during the day. Microsoft had said that only 2.5 million would take home the program so everyone tried to download at once, "says Fredrik Granlund.
    On Saturday was fixed server problems and now all that time to get download it until 24 January.
    Requires resources
    A beta version is a largely completed version of a future program. Companies tend to drop them to the public to get free help to find faults.
    Fredrik Granlund has familiarized himself with the new OS.
    Vista is the latest final version of Windows has been much criticized.
  • At least in the beginning was the Vista resource-intensive, relatively slow and had problems with security and interoperability, "said Fredrik Granlund.
    New is faster
    He sees that Microsoft has taken to the criticism.
  • Windows 7 is faster. Both when you start your computer and when to use different programs.
    Otherwise he does not see so many changes, some neat graphics effects, easier management of local network, but the most recognizable from Vista.
    He points out that things can both be removed and added to the finished version.
  • Microsoft has a tendency to add features to the end of the development to attract customers.
    [b]XP still better
    Many ignored Vista and chose to continue using its predecessor XP. Fredrik Granlund see no reason for them to upgrade now.
  • Windows XP is the most stable operating system and it still refreshes]. There is nothing you can do with Windows 7 that you can not do with XP.[/bMicrosoft plans to release Windows 7 sometime in 2009 but has not given any detailed answer than that.

Would like to end this by saying, rather caveman and make music in an efficient and effective way than being a bully … I like and their users. Here, you always get great tips and advice. I respect people’s opinions how crazy they may be! I think you should do this to !

Besides if you run xp on sp3 wich i do, service will be provided untill 2014… And by that time windows 7 is going to be superb !

THANK YOU TEHNIK ! Now you have given me some REAL insight on win7… This is the type of feedback I need ;) You see, comments like XP is older than your grandpa or dinosaur of oses is not going to help me very much… However THIS IS: i’m just saying what my experiences with 7 are - and they are pretty damn good. surprisingly, thousands of hackers didn’t break into my computer, and everything works fast and stable.

The reason I quoted corporate people is that I did not have very much info to go on, again thank you for your insight on this !! :D

I was wondering the memory usage. My nLite-slimmed XP ate less than hundred megs of RAM freshly installed. Sine then I’ve installed heaps of programs, so commit charge has rose to around 200-250mb. How do you compare that to W7?

I really need to sleep, this topic has made my brain go fuzzy hehe :(

Well my pc is like eight years old, but has two gigs of ram. Been thinkin’ what happens if I have to make a switch one day. W7 has min rquirement of 2gb ram, which made me feel a bit anxious about trying it out. Should know if there is room for photoshop and things like that in ram after the os has eaten its part. That’s why I’m asking.

Kameleontti, here´s a link where you can check your computer´s compability for windows 7…

But i am actually going to wait with upgrading to windows 7, servicepack 1 for win7 is not going to be released until qouete “The first half of 2011”

Take care :D


I know I can run it. What else I’m able to run besides OS is another question.

For anyone interested:

That i cannot answer, sorry :(

I have now reformated my pc, runs like a jaguar now :) (Win xp)

Edit: Just remebered one thing, if you are worried about compability issues, that´s not going to be any problems with win7 since it has something called “WINXP Mode”.

Dunno if this was any help for you ??

I can add my feedback. I use windows 7 64 bit on my computer which is about a year old. Works great, no compliants. VST’s work well… it’s fast (then again my computer is fairly fast). Overall I wasn’t sure about the switch a year ago, but now I wouldn’t go back. Windows 7 is a good choice in my opinion.

I’ve been running Windows 7 32 bit for 9 months now and save for Steinberg’s Virtual Guitarist I havn’t found a VST that I couldn’t install.

If you want something else than XP, I suggest you try Windows 7.