Need Some Help


I did this a long time ago and never finished it. My problem is that pretty much all the drum samples have a kind of vinyl-crackling sound, which I guess sounds quite annoying when they all are played together… it never really bothered me until someone pointed it out to me, and now it’s really obvious and distracting to me. So today I tried to remake it using different samples, but somehow I still prefer the old ones…

So my question is, is it really so obvious/distracting/annoying? I’d really appreciate your opinions! :)

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There are couple of crack removal filters available on the net, I would recommend you to check those out and process samples through them. The music itself is amazing though.

very nice tune !

for me it sounds like, for example, the rimshot has just an bad sample end.
just look into the sample editor, if there is a amplitude at the end then you can use
the fadeout option, maybe this helps.

easiest way to get rid of pop cracks and snaps on samples is to draw them out with pen tool.