Need Some "indians Chanting" Samples

Does anyone know of a site where I can get some of those?

Thanks all.

I have some on some CD somewhere… The problem is that I have no idea if they are royalty free.

Well, it’ll probably not cost more than a few apples for the indian’s mustangs if it’s licensed stuff.

Or, you can check out the Delay Lama… Sounds kinda like indians chanting :)

Once a friend gave me lots of samples on a CD. There was various stuff there, horror sounds (various howls, screams and stuff), nature and also many ethnic samples, tibetan, indonesian, indian and some others. Some of the samples are in xi some are in wavs, I have no idea where he got it.

Probably one of the sample cd’s from
I never saw many ppl selling sample cd’s that also delivered XI instruments.

The quality and formats varied so much, that I doubt it was taken from one source. It’s a mysterious thingy.

Maz is not the one source, it’s the guy who putted them all on one cd.

Are there Indian chants samples on the MAZ cd???
I got that one (well one anyway)! :)

I also got Delay Lama, but it’s not really Indian is it? ;)

goes to look for Maz Sounds cd

:lol: Indian, Tibetan… Who will notice the difference?

If you want to risk using my samples I can get you them somehow. However, as already said - I have no idea if they’re legal or not.

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Hehe… nice one :lol: That’s a lot of smoke, wonder what that is :unsure:

If you’ve seen the movie Natural Born Killers, there’s some nice indian chanting on there you can probably “steal”…

When the indian Chief tries to rid Juliette Lewis and Woody Harrelson of the demons…

Pretty nifty.


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that´s me, filming behind the camera :ph34r:
and that smoke is from 12 ft. long incense 8)

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