need some "source volume" slider

i was doing a song and reached renoise’s dynamic limit (i’m doing pretty hard electronic stuff with fat bass line and drums), and the song start clicking with any master volume, understand what i’m talking about?

i guess the current mixing formula is:

(track1 + track2 + track3 + …) * mastervolume = output

better mixing way (to enlarge dynamic range) should be:

(SVtrack1 + SVtrack2 + SVtrack3 + SV…) * mastervolume = output

where SV is source volume from 0% to 100%

the best way is work with instruments instead tracks, that will give most biggest dymanic range and the best output mixing quality. then instrument just should be scaled with the source volume before mixing.

the slider should be in song properties i guess, and should be 100% by default.

and don’t say i have to put all instrument’s volumes down instead the slider, it’s pain, i need the source volume, after all it’s about output quality, so everyone need this one.

every track got its own volume slider, also the mastertrack got its own volume slider … try this maybe…

let me pose a dumb question just b/c i’m interested… since renoise uses float numbers internally, why does it make a difference if you scale the source volume or master volume?
hmm… i guess scaling SV gives better accuracy, not so much rounding errors… but what does it have to do with dynamic limit?

marc is right : you wont loose anything (at least nothing hearable) if you simply scale down the mastervolume.
If you dont want to do this, you have to put a gainer behind each last effect in the tracks to make sure that the effects are processing the same amplitude as before.

hmm… seems i’ve been fooled by some vst at master track which gave me cliping, seems that vst didn’t know anything about float numbers… well… one more reason to don’t master in renoise…

audio data is sent as floats to and from a vst-plugin, so then the plug must be clipping the data itself.