Need Someone To Open An Xrns

I don’t have 2.5, just the 2.1 demo. A friend made a synth patch and DSP chain for me in renoise 2.5, but I can’t access them because the xrns he sent me won’t open in 2.1.

So can someone do me a favor and open the xrns, go to the vst (Junox 2), save the preset, and maybe try and save the DSP chain or take a printscreen of it? And then upload that for me. I’ll pm you the link to the xrns.

Forgive me if this is stating the obvious, but why can’t your friend do this? :huh:

Anyway, I don’t have that VST myself unfortunately. :confused:

Perhaps you can try the XRNI Ripper tool for this: or

Although I’m not sure if it’s been updated to support 2.5 yet?


Nope didn’t work. Maybe someone here who has the Junox 2 vst can do it? Or not.

I think it should be possible to extract the needed data from the v2.5 song by hand (via the Song.xml) and then put that inside a v2.1 song. Using this method it won’t matter that I don’t have the plugin, so I can give it a try if you want to give me the .XRNS file, or you can try it yourself if you feel comfortable enough.

… or just wait a bit until the first public 2.5 releases show up. Won’t take that long …

All right I’ll send it to ya.