need to bring this again ...

in patternview …

above the start of the current pattern, please display the last notes of the previous pattern somewhat dimmed and at the end the first notes of the next pattern …
with this should come an option to “jump to previous/next pattern if at start/end of pattern” (I hope you understand what I mean)

would just be a nice way to get along this patternbased musicmaking into some more fluently way of composing.

You got my vote for that. Dimmed or just a line between patterns.
And a wrap button.
Wrap on = you will navigate as a pattern today (bottom <–> top)
Wrap off = you will continue to next/prev pattern

Or… a line between patterns and dimmed when wrap is on.
Not dimmed when wrap is off.

That’s a very nice idea. I also cast my vote for something like this.

My interpretation of this idea is, you could have two modes:

Pattern-nav mode:

Exactly as it is now.

Song-nav mode:

Previous pattern is shown dimmed above current pattern, next pattern is shown dimmed below current pattern. If you arrow up above the current pattern, it will switch to the previous in the pattern-list. If you arrow down below the current pattern, it will switch to the next pattern in the pattern-list.

Or maybe you could have two separate options, one for pattern vs. song navigation, and one for previous/next pattern dimming.

That would be nice (two separate options). The most importent thing though is if it should wrap or not at beginning/end of pattern. That button should be easily accessible. The option to see anything at all from next/prev pattern could be switched on/off in the Config GUI.

You wont need any ‘wrap-button’ at all if you use ‘dimmed/not dimmed’ as wrap on/off (say… shift+space = wrap on/off? :rolleyes:
But as suggested before, you might wanna have a thin line between the patterns so you can easily separate them when wrap is off (not dimmed).

Another suggestion could be that every other pattern has a fixed dimmed color. (pattern 00 is always dimmed, pattern 01 is always ‘not dimmed’, 02 dimmed, 03 not dimmed etc…)
I find it kinda confusing as it is in modplug tracker where the dimmed ‘suddenly’ changes to not dimmed when you go to next/pre pattern.

More suggestions?

cool idea … i think dimmed parts of the prev/next pattern at the top/bottom is great help for transitions in the song … cool! :drummer: