Need to get superhi with household product

(EatMe) #1

get superhi and stop wildgrowth with 3dd / 50cc per d /3dd

on 3ploid chemical compound + water: (based on studing decarboxylated THC compound that works):
Water H2O ( 1/2 a liter, 500cc )

  • Vitamin CC6H8O6(chew or crush the fast release vit. C pills, or 1 cup of lemon juice, or 2 cups of fresh orange juice,
    or 2 cups of other vitamin C fruit)
    +**Sea Salt (1 small teaspoon stroke off)**‎NaCl
  • Mountain Salt (1 small teaspoon stroke off)KCl
    or just buy an “ALL SAFE” (4.000.000 tests) Lidl Power Generation Lemon Ice 6 bucket pack.

don’t drink half the liter at once.

Optionally advanced music for acceptance:

EatMe - Piano House (piano house)

Music file downloads:
EatMe - Piano House.mp3 (
EatMe - Piano House.flac (
EatMe - Piano House.mp3 (
v2: EatMe - Piano House (v2) - NuSkool V.mp3 (

Renoise song file download:
EatMe - Piano House.xrns (
EatMe - Piano House - SnareAdd.xrns (

Song search: “_ Coconut "or " Octopolair Neutron " or " Trx "or " and Bass " or " House _”

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