Negative Extra Latency after Compensation

I recorded some bass with my ASIO buffer turned up higher than usual (512 frames) since I’d forgotten to change it after working on something else. I was having a bit of trouble getting my recorded samples to line up. Eventually I noticed that after latency compensation, my recorded sample was ahead of the beat.

This only happens when my ASIO audio buffering settings are tuned toward higher stability.

Curiously, the latency estimate my ASIO configuration gives me is significantly higher than what Renoise reports about the buffer size.

In the images below you can see some experiments I ran while recording the metronome with input and output both on the Lexicon Alpha device. All show the recorded beat next to the nearest beat marked in the sample. The first two have latency compensation enabled with different buffer sizes. The last one has latency compensation disabled with the higher buffer size.

For now, I can work-around by using the smaller buffers, but maybe negative_Extra latency_should be allowed, or maybe_Extra latency_should remain available even when_Compensate […] latencies_is disabled.

I’m running Windows 10 and I encountered the same issue with 3.0 and 3.1.