*Nervously Creates Topic*

Probably premature…but I haven’t posted anything here in nearly a year :o

edit: ah f**k it, you can all tell me how this sounds so far too. I turned up the drums as per your advice beatslaughter :)

Music made with tinnitus ftw, jk…

Listening with headphones that came with my guitar, so, I can’t make accurate opinions on the mixing but I will say that the composition on “stormdamage3” can stand on its own. It has a “playing in the rain” sound to it.

Really enjoyed stormdamage3. Nice genteel sound, great for a morning soundtrack.

I know sometimes comparisons can be annoying, but I really felt it had some Porn Sword Tobacco sound to it, only without the dirt. :) And Porn Sword Tobacco is up there with my all time favourites, so, yeah, you’ve done a great job. ;)

liked the mood… nice deep bass… mix could be more open perhaps… lovely melody near the end, reminded slightly of album leaf

Thanks for positive feedback :)

To be honest though, I have never heard of either of the two artists I’ve been compared to :P