Netbook Renoise User

Greetings all,

I’m a novice Renoise user, since I don’t have access to my PC much right now (I’m on the road a lot) I was wondering if anyone has tips to create a more efficient workspace with a netbook’s small screen real estate. Renoise is already quite good for this but if there are any further touches that can be made then that would be appreciated.

Also, given the netbook’s CPU, are there any lightweight VST directories around?

I look forward to getting to grips with Renoise, of all the DAWs I’ve played with this comes closest to the feeling of ease of use that I once felt with Sibelius. I feel as though once the basics are properly mastered within Renoise you can churn out music that remains faithful to what’s in your head at a faster rate than with other DAWs.


Well… 42 GOOD ones that I have… The problem is, I can’t remember where I got them. :P

The reason I don’t give you a straight answer is because portable plugins are like pieces of a puzzle. You take a bunch of them, and get something cool.

Of course, that’s still not a straight answer.

But you could change your reply from being rather useless into something helpful by at least mentioning the names of some of the lightweight plugins, yes? :)

Are you just looking for VST effects?
Or VST instruments as well?
What kind of plugins are you interested in?
I’m on a Mac right now, or I’d give it a quick test before posting this, but I’ve read (over at - the place to go for plugin info) that Synth1 is great and uses very little cpu.
And it’s free!

I’m looking for both VST instruments and effects, although from the messing about I’ve done so far with the built-in effects I think the priority is to build up a solid collection of lightweight VST instruments and see how far the default DSPs can go. I think a list of 5 lightweight VSTs that you couldn’t do without would help me greatly and would also prevent you guys from wasting too much time going through what could be a huge collection of VSTs.

Thanks for the replies so far, I’m a bit busy right now with work matters but as soon as I have some spare time I’ll make sure I check out the link posted above and any links supplied later on.

Cheers all!

Are you willing to spend money on them?
If so, how much?

Ièm actually farely interested in this topic, as Ièm thinking of getting one of these:

Was just trying out Oatmeal on my Windows machine.
Used about twice the cpu of Synth 1, but still much better than most of the instruments I use.

These are all also not bad:
Andreas Erssons plugins:
and Curve by Cableguys: