[Netlabel]: Lackluster: Aeration Ep

Sup… TwoCircles Records released Aeration EP “a while” ago, and it’s 2 tracks made with Renoise. EP Download (.ZIP)

  1. ism psm sm [YouTube]
    Ism psm sm is mostly based on the E-Mu Orbit V2 being midi-controlled by Renoise, and sampled, and processed.

  2. angels nest [YouTube]
    Angelsnest is mostly sample-based, apart from some mild usage of E-Mu Orbit V2 which starts at 5:05 (the bassy sound). There’s a bit of EXSP24 (the big-ish string which also starts at 5:05) - the rest is samples.

Yours, Esa

Great tracks, especialy ism ism ism very deep.

A angels nest very relaxing.

Love the Angelsnest intro. It really makes me wonder what will come next.

I have to admit that on the first listen i didn’t like what came next soundwise, but after second and more listening, it’s awesome! Thank you for doing it exactly this way.

Thanks for checking the tunes out :)

You can´t imagine how many times I listened to Angels Nest on your myspace account during the last year in the office. My hat is off - I absolutely love it!

listened to these a while ago, quality! But that was to be expected :wink:


Ism psm sm is a very good tune

  • good exploitation of the drumkit of the Orbit V2 with lots of efficient breaks
  • you don’t make it to loud too fast it’s not an “in your face” thing, looks progressive
  • it has a simple but very effective musical theme (at 00:50),
  • I like the way the power of this theme is “revealed” through the mix until 02:14
    angelsnest is simply one of my fav tracks :walkman:
  • I like the warm sound of the main line of the main theme,
  • EMU’s sounds, generally have a very good quality and are “usable” in a lot of mixes
  • the full introduction of the drumkit at 03:05 after one minute of filtered hit hats is is a great moment
  • the bassline at 03:53 could’nt be better
  • thanx to constant and subtle variations in the mix, the track is never boring
  • the perfect usage of delays/reverbs on high frequencies truely brings the fresh air this concept requires

a negative point ? it’s simply too short !