Never Let You Go

This song is more of a bet and a demonstration than something I wanted to do.

Me and a good friend of mine were invited to a party of our former schoolmate, and had an interesting discussion. Soon after the disco part started, we began bitching about the extreme simplicity of modern dance music.

Neither of us is really in contact with such music, and after a while of listening and counting the chords in songs (some of which had like 2 or so), I told him that anyone could come up something like this in three days with no effort.

I made this song to prove my point, and to see what the reception will be.

Needless to say, this social experiment ended very expectedly. While no one really knows about my orchestral pieces, this track circulated in lightspeed.

That’s the story of this overly simple track, done in a few days only by featuring everything a modern EDM piece has to have.

Sad enough.

Finished on November 17, 2011

Your point is right. I thought about the same things when listening to shitty David Guetta, LMFAO and etc. songs.
But not completely 100%. While radio-friendly songs seem to be made like in a 3 days. Still in popular EDM music there are exceptions like this:

At mord fustang at 1:32
The trend in electro house is the so called complextro. Maybe it’s not the melody from a point of view of classical composition, but yet it’s not so easy to achieve. It’s not just a cheesy lead synth, but something more interesting.

In 3 days, with how much music experience behind? Without any previous music education and/or a good trained ear, I didn’t get very far. Agreed, once you grasped the theory and got some experience with all the necessary tools, it’s more or less coming up with a simple text, chord progression, short melody and a drum track thats not that bad. Then put your synth on a super saw and rock away. - As weird as it is, I still enjoy such kind of music (if it is well produced) :)

C-Blu: Yes, I sure don’t want to put everything under the same label. I was referring to those radio-friendly songs. There’s definitely quality EBM nowadays.

elmex: You’re right, one needs to have some experience with any kind of EDM to do succeed. But more than any musical education you just need to know your DAW very well, you need to be able to do the mastering on a decent level, and you have to listen to some of the similar songs to discover what they are made of.

Yes, some of the tracks are enjoyable. I don’t hate this track of mine obviously. I wouldn’t really do it if I hated doing it. But still, you can hear the '90s influence in it, that I just can’t let go of :P