Never Touch The Mouse? (Focus On Pane)

I love working with only KB shortcuts. I became a very fluid with never touching the mouse in all my years with Logic. I’m trying to get the same functionality with Renoise but the “focus” function makes this impossible - to focus a window I have to option + click on it.

Does anyone use ONLY the KB? Is it possible to build an entire sequence without ever touching the mouse?

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Or set up your own keyboard shortcut to give you focus to any pane you want. I know I have set up Shift + Alt (O, S, P, M, I, D, A) for Disk Op, Sequencer, Pattern Editor, Mixer, Instrument Editor, DSPs, Automation.

The only one that is strangely missing is Matrix and you have to go to Pattern Editor and then hit Shift + Esc (should have a direct shortcut like the rest of the panes and it has been previously asked for and ignored.)