New Aggressive Track

Hey, peeps, made a new track here.

Didn’t name it yet… I suck at nameing tunes. :unsure:

Anywho, I might change stuff on it (add/remove/edit), so I still haven’t put it up on the song section yet.

Would love some feedback :) good or bad, doesn’t matter.

Unnamed Track

Used Phobia, Pentagon, Pro-53 and Synth1.

hey, dufey!

really doing the trance thing now, are you !? :D

I like the build-up and the instrumentation is a bit different from the trance Ive heard which gives it a heavier feel…
(suffice to say I haven’t heard that much… but still :D )
but, what I would like to see is some voice-dub during the build-up… and the backbeat of both the pumpy bass and
the sweepbass around 1:30 seemed a bit odd to me even though the pianoishy sound saved it… :P
and a pHaTTer! hi-freq lead, man! searing and tearing the Pro-53 to pieces!! :yeah:

(I love the acid- ho ho! )


halla dufey. jeg skriver på norsk jeg, siden jeg er så dårlig til å formulere meg på engelsk. den crispy synthen “dudiiduuduua” på begynnelsen er ufattelig digg:) litt kjedelig rytmer i, though jeg er rytmefrik. det går bare i hihat, open, clap liksom. og en annen ting er den bassen midt i sangen, den høres litt falsk ut? jeg har crappy headphones så det spørs… ellers har den fin begynnelse, men blir litt kjedelig på slutten. sånn som stort sett all trance er:p jeg savner mer kontant bass. og kanskje en liten vokal. og enda mer reverb for å gjøre den storslagen, slik trance bør være.

duuddiiduuduua;) B)

Okay, impressions while listening:

Nice start, good bass and intro! The plingpling is cool, it gets an okay lead and moves on like any typical norwegian trance tune somehow… :) In the end, nothing new in trance but it’s listenable enough all right.

Hm, burde eg skrive norsk eg oxo kanskje? Okei litt då, men siden fleire enn oss skal lese dette burde eg kanskje ikkje gjere det til ein vane… :) Anyway, enig med masse av det Sewen skrive, at rytmene kunne vore spaca litt meir opp, men dei funker heilt fint til denne sjangeren anyway. Og då bassen var åleine kunne den kanskje sagt meir enn “duh duh”, hatt ein ekstra greie som leika i bakgrunnen.

Anyway, fin sak! :)

Hey, people, and thanks so much for commenting on the melody :rolleyes:

Anywho, I took (well most of) your advice and “fixed” on the song a bit… Added some fun rythmical percussions…

Sewen: litt kjedelig rytmer

…added reverb on the instruments…

Sewen: enda mer reverb

…added a vocoded female voice which I found somewhere in some old folder i’ve stored voices in case I’d use em someday… which also gave me the idea of the name although it’s not very original heh…

IoDean: I would like to see is some voice-dub during the build-up

…And not sure what you meant here, IoDean, but I made the EQ on the Pro53 sharper, to tear it up more :P

IoDeadn: pHaTTer! hi-freq lead, man!

And Sewen, I didn’t quite get this :huh:

Sewen: jeg savner mer kontant bass

You want it to be heavier, louder or… :) i dunno :P

…And, uhm…oh yeah, i added some DSP effects on drums to make it more variated (phaser, flange and filters here and there).

And, read this article about mastering in Cool Edit :huh: So this’ll be my first “Hard Limited” track hehe… dunno if i did it right but anywho, when you read this, my (somewhat improved :rolleyes: ) song will be on the song page!


PS: Thanks again for the comments :) Helped alot!

kontant bass, dårlig formulert:p mer crispy lyd på bassen. den er altfor myk. crispy er bra.


For all of you who were the first to download my song from the song page:

I’ve done a total update of the song now, you could say almost a remix, since the main synth really never suited the song. Also, I’ve Equalized it to sound more filling.

All in all, it’s much better now.

Yeah, I know it’s dumb to put the song up on the song page then spend days trying to make it better :unsure: But, what else do we do mistakes for other than learning from them :rolleyes: Won’t do it again.

So… just a reminder.

Peace B)