New Album - Human Nature

Although the announcement is not yet official, I want to share my new compilation album.
It’s again 100% renoise, ofcourse, and again completely made with hardware synths - no VST instr. used.

It contains a render of a 64k entry, a remix of Onslaught (Amiga / Maniacs of Noise) some serious, and some jam tracks.
Have fun listening to it :)

Damn… really wanted to check it out, but 90 mb…
You have any of these on soundcloud/bandcamp/…?

Yes, there are some tracks on soundcloud (most songs are like ‘demomuziek’, check on > main page has embedded soundcloud tracks).
However, the newer (imho better) tracks are not yet on soundcloud. 90Mb isn’t thát big these days, is it?
I always had separate track downloads on my webpage, but more people wanted to have packages so they didn’t have to download each separate song. (lazyness) :wink:
Anyways, thanks for checking them out!

Nice album, thanks :)

Great album, enjoyed listetning. Little dub, little trance, little chillout. Nice, nice i like it.

Thanks for the comments guys! I really appreciate it.

Really excellent album! :)
Fantastic sounds (programming, mixing) and diversified tracks.
Is this going to be released on a netlabel? (What do you mean with “official announcement”?)
Btw. nice studio and synthesizers :)

No it’s not going to be on a netlabel. I’m kinda working on my own. I’ve been in some scene music groups in the past, but they all kinda died (Logic / FMC / Inque which is still active)
As for the album, i’m not yet satisfied with the cover, and maybe add/remove some tracks so it’s not yet on (which makes it ‘official’) – I’m still working on lots of test-tracks, so don’t know if it’s the final version of the album yet.
Thanks for the words.

How do you use the hardware synths? do you create a patch and record the as oneshots?

Most of the work is indeed recording one-shots for rythms and fx. But I also use longer midi in patterns (and then record the complete sequence as a wave, sometimes while tweaking). Then I create a second column in the same track (with just one note triggering the recording) and mute the midi. This works great since the autoseek function in samples :) And it’s still interesting to use automation for extra effect tweaks and mastering on the long samples.

The downside is that renoise files become huge, but that’s ok :)

…just listening to your “Onslaught” remix… really enjoying the type of music. Reminds me of the good old days, when everybody started crying
tears of joy upon seeing some flat shaded cubes bouncing of chess boards. ;)

You did an awesome job in catching that special atmosphere :).

Big Thumbs up :).

Just for general information: This album has been reviewed on

I am still listening often to it. :)

Woah snap - the whole album is badass! Really-REALLY enjoying this one!!

A couple tracks unheard… liking it very much. In fact, one the best stuff I have heard here for a looong time. Well done mister. Onslaught gave me a hard-on.

Yes, excellent stuff indeed!

I love finding good “unknown” stuff like this! Keep up the good work, yo!