New Album "vol 2:rephrazed"

Hi fellow renoisers,

just wanted to share my new album on

It’s almost completely made in renoise, with additional hardware synths. Check it out and tell me what you think. (And no it’s not trance).

-Chris aka cosmictrance

There are some really great tracks on this one! I loved especially the intro followed by “contrast”, really great song. “Bedolven” was also a killer track, which needs to be played at high volume for goosebumps feeling. Overall you got more “dirty” on your new album. Didn’t liked the chip stuff though, like in track 3, but either one likes chip or not. ;)

I also like the variations, from DnB, chip or ambient soundscapes there seems to be something for everyone.

Keep it up!

indeed it’s a really well done album, with a great balance and taste, good to be listened to as a whole

Nice tracks :)

thanks for listening and posting these positive comments. Next tracks are going to be posted separately. Keep it up ladde’s.

one of the ‘non-default’ Trance Albums, ive heard since a long time.

2 thumbs up dude