New Alpha (3) Release : 9 Aug 2004 -1 (win/osx)

To keep you busy we have just uploaded a brand new alpha-version of renoise (1.5a - 9 Aug 2004 -1) for both platforms. Its available on the user-pages.

happy testing!

Dammit, this is too much.

I have vacations but no time for anything… I finally bought Comodore 64 yesterday and it will keep me even more busy…

Hope I’ll find some time for testing.

Though I don’t know much about Mac’s, I can tell you the following:

There are alpha versions for both (PC and Mac) online in the registered users section.

The price of Renoise is yet 45 $ . Once the stable version 1.5 is out, the first registration will cost 50 $.

No. Not for every newer version. If you pay 45$ now, then you purchase Renoise 1.281 and will be able to download Renoise 1.5a to help during the testing-phase.
Furthermore, you will be able to download every following version until 2.1 is reached. So that’s quite a bunch of new versions you can get for paying once 45 $. Hope I could help.


I’ve never been so happy! :lol:

ok …

also in alpha 3 the automation of my module are loaded incorrectly.
i use points automation in one track and normal linear automation
in another track. the automation with the points are almost played
correctly. i use it for morphoder, the vocoder of waves. in 1.281 it
works great, in 1.5 the first automation is played wrong, the two
other automations are correct.

the track with the linear automation is used for a midi cc native plugin
used for ni kontakt’s high pass filters. it takes in 1.5 too damn long
until the sound is at it’s normal stage.

i also checked my other modules for this subject. the midi cc native plug
works great with absith and automation.

… hmm … i think i know what the problem is. just loaded another
module with kontakt in use … and the filters standings/settings weren’t loaded correctly as in renoise 1.281 …

loaded another module with kontakt. but this time with vstiautomation native plug. that worked. but the module also contains morphoder again,
wich has also f****ed automation again. it seems as if renoise 1.5 isn’t loading the note automation of morphoder correctly.

yup… 1.5 is loading the automation not correctly. i think it has to do something with the values …

just some values loaded incorrectly.

i’ve also figured out why the kontakt automation was wrong. something
set the value of kontakt’s HP 2pole filter to 100hz instead of 37 as it is in 1.281. …

i hope this helped abit …

nevertheless, renoise 1.5 is really phat. all new features make me happy and also the sound quality seems to have improved alot!

can’t wait for the final :P

great work!!


please check the renoise 1.5 bugreport forum section. if your bug isnt listed there yet, please create a new thread for this one. the chances we fix it till the next release are pretty high then.

we usualy dont look for bugs in any other sections but in bugreport and renoise 1.5 bugreport.

another thing wich pisses me off …

renoise seems to have problems loading vst effects correctly.

like, i have zeta+ 1.3 and 1.4 … both differ … sure thing.
i wanna use both as i can’t use renoise modules using
zeta+ 1.3 as effect when i only have zeta+ 1.4 installed.

i managed to have both plugins loaded … but sometimes one
of them disappears just like that.

and now … i just found out that rns 1.5 wasn’t able finding
supertap plugin from waves … aw man … :c

teis - use the bugforum (again)

it was nice when you mailed us registered users about new alpha releases, why did you stop doing that (atleast i havent recieved a mail about alpha3)

Because I was supposed to write it yesterday but was out in the sun all day instead :)

but your avatar still looks yelllow as always B)

Yes martin…
put up a nice pic of your face in the avatar, just like italien and me i.e. :ph34r:

He had a picture of himself as an avatar not long ago but I guess the fame got to him and he got sick of constantly being bothered with picture taking and autograph writing and therefore changed his avatar to a big yellow weird looking head. B)

no concrete plans about linux right now, but we feel sympathy with linux, so dont hold the breath now but something could happen.

1.5 works with WinE, so what’s the rush?

You know what i find poor about the Macintosh world… you purchase the latest osx panther edition but if you have os 8.x, you need os9 as an extra stepping stone to upgrade to it which requires additional money (If you don’t have OS9), while when you have win’95 and you buy XP, you can just upgrade without needing to buy Windows ME or something.

Does the current Renoise OSX version not support Osx 10.2 then?

hmm… i think if your computer came with OS8, then you probably wouldn’t be able to run OSX because OSX requires G3+128 Ram+500mhz. And also you don’t need OS9 to run OSX because its very much seperate operating systems. Ones called ‘Classic’ and the other is ‘Modern’. 8/9 programs don’t run in Modern (OSX) without a type of emulation. You can emulate Amiga on OSX as well.

But its the same with DOS, I dislike XP because I wasn’t able to run the good old DOS stuff like ST3,FT2, IT or whatever. (there are DOS emulations)
I guess there’s no need anymore with Renoise and Skale(FT3) being the modern day versions of classic trackers.

About DOS emulation…:I use the real stuff and VMWare ;)

No it isn’t.


All very different.

Deal with it.

You make it sound like it’s something similar to phpBB which nobody dares to upgrade either because 9 out of 10 times the databases screw up