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I want an Amiga laptop!

They planned to relaunch Amiga over and over again. I will believe it, when I go to a usual computerstore and really SEE an amiga running AOS 4. Hope dies last…

yepp already discussed many times, e.g.:…574&forum=8

very controversial…

4real, Amiga and all things Amiga related have been in limbo for quite a long time. I hope they actually pull it off though, somehow. best of luck to em.

thats cool, can i play Brataccas on it?

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I tried to make a proto laptop out of an A600 once but its more bother than its worth… its ok as a curiousity peice but no real use.

Amiga is a cult thing, Im sure theres people willing to pay over the odds for a proper hi spec Amiga lappy.