New Aphex Twin

the audio is pretty great, he must be loud as a muthafuk…

here’s the article

Damn, I live 50km away from Metz and I couldn’t go to this (free) concert :(

live stuff from 95

One of the best electronic music live show I’ve ever saw, impressive ( and not too loud ) clean sound, fat sub basses, amazing lights. Too bad people didn’t want to dance…


Seen him live twice, but found it VERY disappointing, actually…

man those last youtubes sound hot… hopefully some new material. ^_^

It sounded great, I really like his new music. And, i don’t know if he is The Tuss, but I like it too.


…but i agree - standard albums tracks + standard 4/4 techno or amen chopped in between + some new stuff

I thought he amaze me

and that disgusting porn visuals…

Oh come on… most of the people on this forum could put out a more engaging track than that

I actually loved that track… it reminds me of a mix of analord with the old, old aphex twin…

It’s nothing new, but it’s very good.

Meh. You could do better with nothing more than a sin wave JBL.

…were awesome! :D

De gustibus non est disputandum

but i had problem with breakfast next day

I still don’t like Aphex Twin’s music.

Oh, really?? Can you give me an example? To me, no one of the songs examples in Renoise is better than that, and I supose, they choose good songs.
All my respect for the musicians in this forum, but I think t Aphex is a master electronic musician, and an “average” song from him is better than most electronic music.

Quite possibly not when you’re displaying this kind of bullheaded fanboyism:

Sorry, I didnt want to sound rude. I’m not an Aphex Twin fanboy (I´m a fanboy of: Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart, Zappa, Bob Dylan, Neu!, other things like Lost, Friends, Ice Cream : )
But I consider Richard D. James one of the “fathers” of modern electronic music, and one of the finest. I don’t like Acid house, Techno, Dance, Drum & bass… I’m into “electronica” because of IDM, Braindance, cause I like Squarepusher, AFX, Coil…
And I answered in that way because I see in these forum a lot of “X artist is overrated” (put Aphex in this example), when X artist is a recognized figure with “considerable” succes. And they talk about the Demoscene like if they were Bach,Wagner & Stockhausen together.
To me sometimes it sounds like if some people hate the artist with success and called “genius”.

recognized by whom? not by the people who don’t like it, any why can’t they have an opinion too? it’s the kind of music that doesn’t do anything for me when it’s done badly - when it’s done as well as AT does it, it’s still as meaningless (to me), it just sounds more pleasing. even nursery rhymes flash my brains more than that.

and I wasn’t going to mention any of these feelings, but

the demoscene has plenty of shitty music that doesn’t know where or why it is, but it also has tunes AT can’t even tie the shoelaces of, not to mention the full productions including visuals :lol:

Aphex Twin is a fucking genious. I love his music, I have almost every record he ever put out. But both livesets I witnessed were mediocre DJ-sets. Funny you say you don’t like acid house, techno and drum&bass, because that’s what Aphex Twin does live.

you sound like most people into rock/metal who admit to liking a bit of “machine music”. (= (no offence)

its a bit like professing to love zappa but then dissing jazz and modern classical music.

to me those labels (idm & braindance… idm is just the silliest term ever) are something people use to try and distance themselves from the origin. the post rock label is a bit like that too.

i like this track, by the by.