New Bpm Each Restart 1.91

is renoise supposed to use a random bpm value at start up? each time i go on it it is different - i swear it never used to happen?

isn’t this meant to help you start anew everytime? Not sure about it’s effectiveness, but I do appreciate the gesture. :)

it’s like this probably from 1.0. yes, it is a little creativity hint, so throw your amens away and start from scratch :)

I think it’s always been in there, as far as I can remember anyway. If you don’t like this behaviour you can simply create a template song (with your favourite BPM, common DSPs you use all the time, compressor/EQ on the master track, etc), and then Renoise will use this as the basis for every new song you create.


thats the thing, as of 1.91 the bpm of the template-song is ignored. (which is not a problem for me).

Oh it is? Hmm… I honestly had no idea.

i actually quite like it - i was making a bunch of loops and it actually got me doing different things - tho i will probably never throw my amens away!

This is something that I would never see unless somebody else would tell me about it.