New C64 Messiah Song

I started this song today and thought I would upload the work in progress.

I enjoy the vibe. Bassline reminds me a little of circus music. Not sure about the middle section with the pitchbend variation.…hs%20Return.mp3

Thank you to Beatslaugter, Mark Dollin, m0d, and others in “irc://” for your suggestions and recommendations so far.

No probs for the chat (I should change my chance my chat name to Foo?, instead of Mark). I’ll have a download on Monday and give some feedback.

yeah! foo i didn’t know that was you in #renoise.

trepain i will give it a listen when i get home from work

Nice additions you’ve made, funny vocal sample with the hatchet in the background, i would shorten the drum part variation, which begins at 0:48 and introduce another variation around 2-4 patterns later (depending on your pattern length), the pitches on the bass work, maybe introduce a new instrument in the middle part.

Woah she’s a monster alright! Maybe some filter work on the drums?

this reminds me of speedbass :lol:

i like it, trepain! probably my favourite tune i’ve heard from you actually. nice work on the breaks, very cool cuts

please finish it :drummer: