New C64 Messiah Track

As with my other c64 Messiah releases you will here the familiar c64 sounding leads.

For those of you who had a c64 you might recognize the Wizard of War, Archon, etc. game sounds scatterred about.

I thought I would break up some James Brown vocal samples shortly after his passing and threw it with a break I constructed and it slowly became some c64/jungle/breakcoreish mess.

You know, a c64 messiah track ;)

Will be making a video to this. I need to get a hold of James really going insane; that would be one of his normal dance routines.

Here it is -…0Brown%2064.mp3

hm… I don`t know. It is a bit too hard to me…[?!] …

also sounds unfinished?

What is hard? Is the music itself too hectic and fast paced for you?

Does the production sound awful? Are you into this sort of music?

Can someone else who appreciates chip-music and crazy chopped of breaks maybe
elaborate further if on the same page as djnick?

Thanks Nick for taking the time to reply.