New Chillout/breakbeat/bigbeat

Sonus - Quench

This is a cool cross between Fatboy Slim and Crystal Method. I really like this one and believe it to be one my better tracks so far. I’m excited to hear what you guys think!


damn, got it all queued up and everything… and then realized i didn’t bring my headphones to work today! will listen to it tonight when i get home :)

Nice work sonus,

Very well produced, like the way sounds are progressively changed. Found the break down sample slightly cheesy but liked the beat changes and addition of guitar at the same point. Could quite easily see a female vocal working over the top of this one.

Good stuff

Ledger: Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the “break down” sample is kind of cheesy, but it’s sort of meant to be. Kind of tongue-in-cheek, you know? :wink:

i/o: shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue: Now you’ll actually have to work! NOOOOO!

pretty nice chill laidback tune… and why is breakdown cheesy? sounds normal to me :)

maybe little less distortion on that instument (guitar?) around 2:40?

I know nothing of Fatboy and Crystal Who?, but this song sounds fantastic.

As someone else mentioned the production is excellent.

I can hear where you are going with your breakdown. I think it’s rather humerous, I think it would be more effective and less cheesey if the breakdown was at least half of it’s current length.

The guitar fading into the song is a nice touch and it really sounds excellent. That whistle type instrument keeps making me think of “Voodoo People” from the prodigy…

Great job! How about getting Henriette (sp?) on this one?

trepain: Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and leave some feedback! I can’t believe you’re an electronic musician and don’t know who Fatboy Slim and Crystal Method are!! :stuck_out_tongue: You should check them both out. I think Crystal Method would be more your cup of tea than Fatboy, although if you like the sort of ‘funkiness’ that’s in my song, then definitely check out some older Fatboy.

I messed around with shortening the “breakdown” section, but I think it’ll stay like it is. I have to show off my (crappy) scratching skills somehow, right? hehe. Thanks for the suggestions though.

I think Henriette’s vocals would work really well in a more “downtempo” remix of this…cutting all the raw shit out and making it more trip-hoppy like “A New Vision”. I’ll definitely email her.

Thanks again. Take care!

from what i know of him, he lives in florida in the US and has been in the scene for at least 10 years, of course he knows who they are, he is just pretending to not have heard of them. back in 1997-1998, they were both so mainstream here in the US that they were crossing over into pop music charts and radio stations. it was impossible to avoid them, they were everywhere. for a while, i was pretending like crystl mth*d’s name was an expletive (lol) … i saw them perform live once (they opened up for Orbital), and they were terribly terrible. one of the guy’s synthesizers wasn’t even plugged in … so they weren’t even really playing… and then at the end of the set he started smashing the keyboard around like it was a guitar and this was rock & roll…

terrible …


funky, tho very cleancut…I’d like the beats a lill more harsher/distorted maybe…make it rock harder. rzpkt

I know a certain friend’s certain microkorg I’d like to treat in this way, regardless of its state of being or genre it corresponds with :D

mamamamyyyiiiee corona burp

oh yeah, nice tune sonus ;)

Naturally you would like the beats a little harsher, as would I because that’s what we prefer.

That is not the sound he is going for.

How about a little Jonas remix to add some of your sound?

That would be very interesting.

tongue in cheek = always good! :)

jonas: hehe. As trepain already stated, it’s only natural for you to want a more distorted sound on the drums, but again, that’s not what I’m going for. I guess you didn’t get a high enough dosage of distortion between 2:26 and 3:10?? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for checking it out though! I appreciate it.

alexstrain: thanks for taking a look.