New Chorus Device pre 3.0 Version?

While working on my second doofer I noticed that the 3.1 Chorus device is changed and not the same as on my old mashine using 3.0. For the new Doofer (Stupid One in German) I would prefer the old chorus. I it still hidden somwere in Renoise 3.1 or accessable?


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Maybe this one? (TLDR)


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Holy Cow! I just installed this and the “Stutter” device under “Distortion” is freakin’ amazing and bizarre. I feel like I’m hearing a Ring Mod mixed with a stutter device with time-stretching and it behaves in random-ish sort of way. Why is this not included with the new effects? It’s so pretty on a sine wave melody!

Heck, there are so many nice variations of the newer effects… So glad we can expose the Legacy versions. Sheesh! These should ALL be present right from the start. Too many nice sounds that aren’t available otherwise.