New Classic Thing

Greetings, fellow members of the Renoise Tribe.

Bet anyone who’s made music for a while has come across composing a song, then just… listened to it and thought “damn, haven’t i heard that someplace before?”

…anyway this happened to me, and before I continue on this, just to find out that I’m ripping someone elses work, I thought I’d put it up here to see if anyone recognise it.


Here it is

hello dufey, I love detective work, so i’ll put on my secret hat, fire up a cigar and pour myself a glas of bourbon. Now i’m ready!

. . listning. … . .

uhm, maybe the strings between 0:52 and 0:58 sounds like a melody Celine Dion could have sung? Maybe, and just maybe the song is titled “My heart will go on”.

keep up the nice melodic stuff, i like.