New Compact Disc For Sale

I’d like to let everyone know that I have a new album out under my Origami Repetika moniker. It’s called “Night Shift”. It’s only $5.99 too.
You may listen to a sample of it and purchase it @

cool, i will check out the samples when i get some time sometime this weekend.

So… Is that ONE continous loop for 75 min?
Hope there are variations… :)

I like progressive stuff tho, so this might be very interesting.

No variations this time. It’s just a loop that I made and enjoy listening to. I figured that other people might want to have it on cd to play when they are working on something.

Really strange idea ;)
I like the loop as well…
when working and concentrating on work, it could be good to have this all the time in the background. Would be interested in feedback of the listeners.

the loop is neat, no doubt.
but what i wonder is why one should buy this if you put a sample online, which has a fairly good quality and has the entire album “all in inclusive”, since the album equals the loop.
one could crop this sample, loop it continuesly and there you have the album!? :blink:

so not sure if this is worth the money, but the loop is still interesting.

Thank you guys for checking it out. :lol:

I read about in computer world and liked the idea of creating books, dvds and cds at no upfront costs. I only decided to make it for two reasons - A. neat cd for driving my car and B. When my copy comes in the mail I’m going to show it to my buddies :)
Other than that, I agree with you…it’s a piece of kitsch