New Compo!

No deadline, because puns are bad :lol:

Are third-party VSTs allowed?

Who’s James?

That’s James (Conductor) with Zamfir (Flutist)

The only Venetian Snares Track that is allowed is “it’s still the first party, it just never ended”

And James, as the name says, is last! Hence the compo. It’s very tricky, I know. How can you kill someone else last? Does it involve a huge slab of ice, or a play on words? TRICKAY!

“Kill Bill, The Lonely Shepherd… James last.”

I hate to say this, but I’m clueless :(

your trustworthy compo host who is to be trusted at all costs!


So am I… but please don’t tell anyone :huh:

James’ Last Orchestra… there will be no more