New Deeper Electro Track: Returning

Just finished this one last night. if you listen, let me know what you think please, even if it’s just a short little blip of a reply.



Liked that a lot !

Bass kicks just right , lots of space so everything flows and fits nicely

And not forgetting that rather nice melody, very remincent of an early 80’s arcade game

…i like the fact that you are not afraid to think outside of the box, and i also like minimal music, but i felt the song lacked urgency or story: as always IMO…

thanks for listening. really appreciate the feedback.

not every song needs urgency.

as for this, i think it’s got a nice detroit-ish kind of vibe. the chip leads took me by surprise, but they sound good too. i’m enjoying just listening to the nuances of the percussion. it’s mechanical, but expressive