New 'Dep' Album: Self-Titled Release Available Today!

This is my new major release and it is my self-titled album. “dep” is 9 tracks of delicate and intricate beats, interwoven in to one continuous stream of music — the songs contain a mix of glitchy beats, sweeping ambient strings, and cut up real-world recordings that combine to make up this electronic/instrumental release.

This was a great album for me. It just felt really organic and natural putting it together, and I’m really satisfied with the result.I think this album really puts in to an audible form who I am. That’s why I decided to self-title it.

  1. Quiet Mornings
  2. Warming up
  3. I Love You
  4. City Nights
  5. Melodic Progression
  6. So Ra Ko Ma Lo
  7. Evening at the Symphony
  8. Morning Showers
  9. Music before 7am

Zip: here

More info @

Hope you like! Feedback appreciated.

Great quiets and deep songs! I like it!

thanks… always loved your works, album cover is really beautiful… downloading… ah it’s done, play

<3333333thanks for the free music

thanks all!

Wow, thats a great album. Downloaded today evening, and i can listen it over and over again. I just realy enjoy that psychill type of music. Great release.

really glad you like it. thanks for listening!


Very nice and chilled LP. Actually what I would call a proper album too, with the tracks nicely flowing into each other (well would do except you don’t quite get true gapless playback of mp3s with Winamp so couple of minor glitches between tracks.) Very accomplished mate, I like it.

Last two releases have been very chilled, sure I remember the one before being a little more electronica, and although I have enjoyed the chilled bits lot I would like to hear you try your hands at something a little more active again ;) Although maybe my memory just isn’t working correctly…

Great album, a solid and coherent listening experience, thanks for sharing.

i wan’t to listen but the zip file keeps on failing :(

Thanks for the feedback – no your memory serves you right. These albums are a lot more minimal than, say, Start Loving the Robots. Just kindof where I am mentally right now. We’ll see what happens next :)

Thanks for listening!

Failing in what way? Does the album not download? Or do you get an error when you try to open the ZIP? Happy to help.