New design of


The new main page on is nice, but tell me if i’m wrong, as soon as you go to the news/about/wip…etc, you cannot go back easily to the root… :huh:
Could it be possible to put a link to the root on the bitmap on top all pages??


Also, is it just me, or are the images on the about page are sized all wrong for everyone?! :o

They are for me too. Something has gone amiss.

ok, let me explain why are you getting wrong sized images.

most probably the cause is that I forgot to set new date and left same files. This is very unlikely because the program for editing images sets filedates automatically.

the second and more probable reason is your provider proxy. you may not have to configure proxy in your web browser but your provider may have one that is transparent. your browser wants to check filedates on and they are cached in your internet cache so it thinks because proxy says also same filedates that those are unchanged files (it checks, filename and date).

the simplest workaround is to hit “refresh” in your browser or wait 1 day until your proxy (depending on its setup) automatically refreshes this page cache (or it is lost due to cache size).

additionally, i forgot to update “about” page so it shown completely wrong images. because images on index page were update and about page links to same images they were displayed incorrectly. this is now fixed.

and in the future, please report such errors directly to my email so i can fix it sooner before such questions arise.

“about” page is now same thing as index or “root”. no longer 2 different pages like it used to be until now.