New Dubstep Tune

Hey folks I am new to the forums, but I’ve been using Renoise for about 3 years now…here is a new dubstep track I’ve just finished.
All the synth sounds are coming from a single square waveform, except for the white noise, and the drums are just random single hits I’ve collected. If anyone has a soundcloud please share your tunes with me, I’m always interested in hearing new stuff!

edit: here is the final mix, I’ve added a few more pattern variatons and effects.

Ah minimalistic dubstep! Pretty intresting sounds, you should though try to make the song less repetitive. Also you need to shape up things with the bass to make it more interesting. Different waveforms certainly makes it more intresting. Don’t get me wrong. I like your work! But it can be better. Keep up the good work, and drop me a pm once you got some new tunes you want some constructive criticism on. I’ll check it out as soon as I have some time free. There is a few tool you should check out, specially Auto masher to get some more interesting wobbles from the filters. There’s also “Custom wave generator” that gives you a fullblown synthesizer inside your sampler editor. Try them out to get some more freshness going in your music, because it is kinda stale (in a good way) currently. Use the volume envelope to get some more movement going in your sounds. Maybe some reverb / delay to spice things up… All in all I love this track, but it needs improvements.

Now for my ratings:

Sounds: 2/10
Arrangement: 7/10
Variation: 5/10
Production: 8/10
Interest: 7/10

Overall: 5.8/10

Hey Jobro thanks for listening! I was indeed going for a minimal sound, not the in your face brostep stuff that’s popular right now… and also trying to keep all synth sounds coming from a single square waveform in this particular track…but I may add some more waveforms to vary the bassline as you’ve suggested. And thanks for suggesting the tools, I’ve actually been messing around with Automasher, a very nice tool!!

hey dude , nice chipstep … looking forward for more tracks … i also tend to use some square waveforms in my tracks
you can here this jungle track i made some time ago if u like :walkman:

Hey Burital thanks for listening. That’s a really nice tune you’ve posted, it reminds me of the late 90s IDM that I grew up listening to. I’ve added you to my soundcloud list.

edit: I’ve taken down the posted track and will update this thread in a few days with the finished version, the comments from Jobro have given me a few more ideas.

tnx man

The kick drum on your breakbeat sample made all my teeth fall out. I’m listening on an expensive pair of headphones turned up loud and it kicked my brains in. :lol:

Here is the final mix, I’ve added a few more pattern varations and effects. Thanks everyone for helping out with the constructive criticism.

have fun :yeah:


I liked everything up to 2:20, then the variations seemed to lose a bit of energy. Picked up again at 3:10, but shortly after I found myself wanting more different stuff to the first half of the track (even in spite of the variations you’ve already made).

Recommendation, shorten it down to 3:30 long by removing about one minute of the most repetitive stuff between 2:20 and 4:30 (biased toward removing stuff earlier in that ~2min block).


EDIT: Oh, that was for the original posting … I’m going to listen to the new one now :)
EDIT EDIT: Oh, the original posting has been updated with the revised track – my above critique still applies B-)

Hey Marty, thanks for listening. I totally agree with your recommendations, and will most likely shorten the track by about a minute or so. I’ve also got a few more ideas for pattern variations. I was trying to do as much as possible with that square wave, but probably got a little carried away with the song structure. lol